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Incentives & Benefits

Complete Incentive Packages

Electric MeterNES analyses to identify the best package of building technology options are supported by a full review and integration of all available incentives.  These  incentives change for our customers, depending on a building’s location and regional, utility or state-specific energy programs.

Federal energy incentives are an increasingly valuable complement to the more localized incentives.  For energy efficiency building improvements, the federal  Energy Policy Act (EPACT) can help with significant tax deductions.  NES has all of the computer modeling, certification and documentation services needed for our customers to readily secure EPACT tax deductions.

For onsite power systems like solar panels and microturbines, valuable federal grants and tax credits can reduce NES customer costs by up to 30%. When combined with state and local incentives, in many cases these tax credits help create a compelling ROI.

NES services make sure our customers are not burdened with the applications and complexities of finding and getting energy technology incentives.  And our  understanding of how different incentives are paid out over time or through tax returns means our ROI analyses reflect the actual present value of incentives.