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Edric Guise

NES-Partner-Pic-EdricEdric Guise has recognized expertise in clean energy, environmental policy, new technology applications, transportation and land use planning, alternative fuels, and related political representation. In particular, Mr. Guise has extensive experience with application of renewable energy and environmental technologies, the California and federal Clean Air Acts, and analysis of proposed new land use and energy laws and regulations. This experience includes:

  • Finding and coordinating application of government regulatory and financial support for private sector clean energy projects
  • Organization of local government, industry and environmental input to the regulatory application of clean air, energy and other environmental laws
  • Marketing and business development for environmental technology companies


Analysis of legislative proposals at the federal, state and local levels. The breadth of Mr. Guise’s experience with air quality and clean energy organizations, development and automotive industry representation and political consulting provides him with a comprehensive understanding of the increasingly complicated and interdependent fields of energy, air quality, transportation and land use planning and the ability to safeguard both public and private sector interests. Mr. Guise has over twenty years of experience on behalf of major auto manufacturers, worldwide REITs and developers, clean technology companies and industry trade groups.